7 Ways To Deep Clean Your Home

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7 Ways To Deep Clean Your Home

A clean house is a desire for every homeowner. Keeping your home clean does not only make your house look attractive but will also keep off allergens, which are the leading cause of respiratory problems. I know that you are used to doing the regular cleaning in your home, which is great. However, I am tempted to ask if you had ever performed deep cleaning in your house. As it sounds, deep cleaning can be a daunting task and require hard work and dedication. However, we are going to learn how you can thoroughly clean your house and achieved that beautiful and sparkling home you had always desired.

7 Ways to Deep Clean Your Home

When deep-cleaning of your home, you should pay attention to all areas of your house. Let’s see how deep cleaning should be done in your home.

Home cleaning tips and tricks for your home.

#1. Kitchen

As this place gets dirty quickly, it requires a complete cleaning. Ensure fridge is thoroughly cleaned from inside and outside. Use the warm water and sponge to clean all parts of the fridge. Moreover, the inside of the microwave should be washed warm soapy water to remove spills and spots.

#2. Furniture

If left unattended, furniture collect a lot of dust and bugs that can cause respiratory ailments. Usually, cleaning of the furniture is done with a sponge and soapy water. However, you should use a high-pressure water jet and scrub to remove tough stains in the furniture.

#3. Carpets

In most cases, carpets collect microscopic dust and bugs that can be invisible to our naked eyes. In this case, you should use a vacuum cleaner to suck up dust and allergens. However, it is important to hire professional carpet cleaner London as they have specialized equipment.

#4. Drapes and blinds

Use the vacuum cleaner attachments can make it easier to clean the drapes and blinds. However, for deep cleaning, you need to remove the drapes and wash them. On the other hand, clean the blinds with a damp cloth.

#5. Fans and light fixtures

In most cases, the feather duster can do a good job when cleaning these items. However, for deep cleaning, you will have to climb the ladder and wipe them with a damp cloth. Moreover, you can bring down the light fixtures and wash them with soap and water.

#6. Bedrooms

These are the areas that collect most dust if left unattended. In this case, vacuum attachments can do a great job of cleaning these areas. Also, you will need to remove cobwebs if there are any. Use glass cleaners to clean the mirrors in your bedroom.

#7. Bathrooms

This area requires thorough cleaning as it gets nasty quickly. Use on an old toothbrush to clean the shower head. Scrub the bathroom floor with cleaner to remove any dirt. Also, pour toilet bleach in the toilet bowl and wait for 15 minutes before scrubbing it with a toilet brush.

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